Child Care

When making a decision as important as choosing an educational child care provider,
a recommendation from another family can make all the difference. Read first hand what real families have to say about their Ladybird Academy.


As parents, we feel we have presented our children with an excellent opportunity to grow. The interaction amongst the kids in addition to the curriculum is providing our children with an excellent head start on life.

When asked if we are happy with our child care provider, we always answer ‘Yes, extremely. It’s the best place for our kids’. The excitement in their voices tells us Ladybird Academy is the right place. Wherever they go to school next, they will be well prepared and have fond memories of their time spent at Ladybird Academy. The classroom staff were very supportive of both child and parent and the separation anxiety that we all felt.

With a reputation as ‘the best’ child care center in the area and a motto of ‘only the best for your children’, we hold Ladybird Academy to a very high standard. Ladybird Academy’s leadership team is constantly striving to improve on an already excellent system. They understand they cannot rest on their laurels and that new and innovative ideas need to be routinely implemented in order to stay on top.

John and Sydney Mitchell

We have been a part of the Ladybird family since our daughter was 8 weeks old. Lauren is now 6 and is enrolled in the summer camp program at your Lake Forest location. She is LOVING it! She wakes up every morning so excited about going to camp.

All of the field trips and extras during the Summer are really keeping her entertained. She can’t wait to get there and doesn’t want to leave. I am hoping you continue this Summer camp next year as well, or even public school vacation days. Ladybird Academy has always exceeded my expectations but this Summer they have gone above and beyond. Extra kudos to Ms. Kathy and Ms. Lindsey for their hard work on this program.

Cindy Smedal

I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for taking such great care of my grandson Maddox and for helping him transition back to Ladybird Academy so smoothly and comfortably.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is for me being so far away and being able to peek in via the web cam and see our little boy having such wonderful days at school. I know he is receiving the very best and most attentive care while also learning and playing with other children all in a very safe, clean and cheerful environment. Maddox is so happy to be back at Ladybird and we are so grateful.

Please extend my gratitude to your staff and thank you again for helping to make this all possible for Maddox. In this time when parents and grandparents have to work, I hope you know what a difference you and your staff are making in providing such loving care for all of our children.

Danielle Saccone

We went into the visit with a thorough check list of ‘preschool desires’, ranging from development and education standards to friendliness, cleanliness, nutrition and outdoor / active play. We left with a confidence that Ladybird Academy would meet or exceed our expectations.

Include all you can imagine on your child care priority list and rate them in order of importance. Enroll your child in Ladybird Academy and you will feel that each of these items is regarded as a #1 priority. We proudly recommend Ladybird Academy to others. We have provided contact information and verbal references to other parents looking for child care. We’ve been extremely pleased with Ladybird Academy and we wish everyone could share in the superior experience when it comes to child care.

Anthony and Stephanie McNeil

Upon stepping into the beautiful ‘play town’, we were amazed by the time, effort and attention to detail that had gone into making Ladybird Academy a nurturing, loving, and child-centered environment.

We truly believe that we have become part of the Ladybird Academy family. The Ladybird Academy experience has enhanced our lives. Without hesitation, we speak positively of our Ladybird Academy experience. To experience is to believe.

Ladybird Academy has provided Carson with a solid foundation of social emotional and academic learning. Through our partnership with Ladybird Academy, we feel that he has been well prepared to meet life’s challenges in a positive and constructive manner.

Jim and Karen Wallace

Ladybird Academy has given me the comfort to return to work full-time and not feel like I am missing out on this miraculous time of rapid growth and development.

We feel comforted by the fact that someone truly cares for our daughters and respects their individuality. Our children are learning in leaps and bounds and are well adjusted and well socialized. We rave about Ladybird Academy to all of our friends and Colleagues and some have already joined the program.

Matt and Jennifer Robson