FAQ for Parents

day care

Each Academy is purpose built in every way to provide a bright and spacious setting with classrooms that are fully equipped for each age range. Outside play areas are designed with impact absorbing safety surfaces plus a wide range of interesting play equipment for everyone.

Q • What is included with the tuition?

Breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Baby wipes and baby food*. Spanish and computer lessons for 2 1/2 thru Pre-Kindergarten.

Q • At what age will you potty train my child?

Generally we can begin potty training at 2 years, however some locations can be sooner. Please see school Director for details.

Q • When are the children required to wear a uniform?

At age 3, when the child is fully potty trained and the child is in the 3 year old Abeka classroom.

Q • What age does the Abeka curriculum begin?

At age 2 1/2 years.

Q • Do any of the teachers have their First Aid/CPR?

All of our staff are required to obtain their First Aid/CPR certification.

Q • What items do I need to provide for my child?

This depends on age:
Infants: bottles pre-made with formula or breast milk, diapers, change of clothes and comfort object i.e. pacifier, blanket, etc.
Under 3 yrs: diapers if not potty trained, change of clothes including underwear if trained or training.
Over 3 yrs: change of clothes.

Q • Is the staff background screened?

It is a requirement by the Department of Children & Families that all staff employed by Ladybird Academy® have three background screenings; local, state & FBI.

Q • What curriculum is used throughout the school?

Infants - Infant Innovations, Toddlers - Toddler Innovations, 2 1/2 thru Pre-Kindergarten - Abeka.

Q • What time does my child need to be here by?

Circle time begins at 9am in all classrooms. If you would like your child to participate in this then please be here prior to 9am. However it is not a requirement to be here for that time until the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Q • Do I need to schedule a time to take a tour?

No. However, for an uninterrupted tour we suggest you come between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm.

Q • How many children are there for each adult?

0-12mth: 4:1, 1-2yrs: 6:1, 2-3yrs: 11:1, 3-4yrs: 15:1, 4yrs: 20:1

(*) May vary by franchise location.