Choosing The Right Childcare

As a parent, you know what's best for your child. When considering childcare for your child, don't just look at the group they will be entering the school in. You need to think about the future. While viewing the facility ask yourself....

(1) Will this school help to potty train my child?

(2) What is the main focus of the school, education or play?

(3) What will my child need to know for kindergarten and does the school prepare them for this?

(4) Will my child be both socially and academically prepared for kindergarten when they leave this school?

Once you have answered those few questions, think about your child;

(1) Will they do well in a group setting?

(2) Would they prefer a structured or unstructured environment?

The final step will be to ask yourself;

Can I handle my child in a group setting or would I prefer one-on-one care such as a Nanny? If you choose a child care facility for your child, be aware that as much as the school is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, children can get sick. This is something that many parents are unprepared for when placing their child in a group setting. Unfortunately, children are not born with great immune systems, therefore when entering a group setting, many air-borne germs are the culprits for common illnesses such as coughs and colds.

Childcare facility personnel in Florida are required to obtain background screening performed by the local sheriff's department, Florida Department of Law EnforcementĀ and the FBI. This gives parent's piece of mind that their child's caregiver does not hold a criminal record.

Obviously parents want the best for theirĀ children and parents have different views on what is best for preschool age children. You will know in your heart and by knowing your children what is best for them.