ADHD in Children

We hear of so many signs and signals from teachers, friends and family that go unnoticed in our children's behavior, or we make excuses before finally taking our child to the doctor to be tested and possibly diagnosed with ADHD.

As the mother of a child with ADHD (who was finally diagnosed in 8th grade) I wish every day that a teacher or school staff had been more pointed that my child's behaviors were a sign of something more than being ill prepared for school or having a concentration concern. I wish that I knew more about ADHD so that I may have realized that the signs my daughter was showing were part of a larger issue.

If you are hearing any of the following comments and concerns from your child’s preschool teacher, public school teacher, athletic coach or family members or a response from someone who says please take the time to get a formal evaluation for your child because he / she is one of the following;

• He is not prepared for school yet.
• You didn’t take him to preschool so he’s behind all his classmates.
• He isn’t sitting still during carpet time.
• She doesn’t respect personal space.
• She isn’t staying with the group and on task.
• Her body movements are exaggerated and I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt.
• He won’t do his work unless someone stands right over top of him.
• He looses everything or cannot stay organized.
• He chews on inappropriate objects like pencils.
• She blurts out answers.
• He can’t follow verbal instructions.
• He can’t do more than one task at a time.
• I have to tell her things over and over again.
• He refuses to do assignments sometimes, not just off task but refuses.
• He is overly sensitive.
• He gets too emotional.
• She’s behind grade level in one or more subjects.

These are just a few of the warning signs, there are many more. For those of you with children with a diagnosis (or many), and those who notice some of these signs, I recommend you take action now with your primary physician because receiving a diagnoses early is best and will alleviate much emotional stress further down the road.